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もう60歳です。 日本では、"還暦"と言って、所謂、元気に60歳を迎えたことを祝う風習があります。




最後に、、素敵な大きな真っ赤の薔薇の花束、60本の薔薇を用意してくれた私のスタッフに感謝します。 今も変わらず、地域密着型医療を貫けているのも一重に貴方達のおかげです。


Thank you for messages on my birthday. I'm 60 years old.

In Japan, there is a custom of celebrating the 60th birthday, wearing red clothes or hat which is what we call "the KANREKI".

However, there are bad things, and honestly, I'm reluctant to celebrate.

Because my sons don't understand that "KANREKI", because my eldest son is 9 years old and my second son is still 4 years old.

I still have to run and hold my second son.

For my sons, I'm still 40 years old, and of course the first trip to Tokyo Disneyland, which I was planning for Golden Week this time, was "carried over".

It is also a big issue that I have not met my second son with Aerosmith.

Please God, please end this difficulty as soon as possible and enable the many dreams I have to fulfill.

Finally, I thank my staff for preparing a nice big bouquet of bright red roses and 60 roses. It is thanks to you that I can continue to maintain community-based medical care.

Thank you very much.

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